Engr. Kuzi Onyibe

Appreciating seafarers

By Kuzi Onyibe
A large proportion of oil exploration today is done at sea and this involves seafarers. Now, we have maritime issue in terms of pollution, security issues, and the seafarers are out there, going onboard vessels and going out there to do jobs.

We have seafarers involved in maritime safety administration; we have seafarers as fathers and mothers raising families, sacrificing their time out of their various families.

We have seafarers risking their lives at sea against pirates, and against all negative navigational issues.
The seafarer is working for everybody, for all, for the well-being of nations on earth, for the world population. That is what the seafarer is doing.
So, we must appreciate the seafarer; they are doing well, and we must thank them for what they are doing.

It is not just going to sea like before when you pick up just anybody for the sea, now, seafarers are technically skilled to do their jobs.
They have safety standards set by IMO, for them to get to that point of being skilled to move ships from A- B.

You can imagine nuclear vessels, oil tankers, offshore support vessels and so many of them.
We have seafarers that are technically qualified to do this and they risk their lives. These people are breadwinners of their families and there is a need to appreciate them.

Kuzi Onyibe is a marine engineer and a ship surveyor

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