One ‘great thing’ seafarers do for the world

Emmanuel Popo serves humanity working as a seafarer, a job he has given his all, even to the point of denying loved ones time they need. But he is glad to be a seafarer and wants the world to appreciate the seafarer for making the world a truly ‘global village.’

‘‘We totally live, work, dream, drink, eat seafaring. That is the kind of job we do.

I remember when I started the job; the captain came to ask me if I could do the job. I felt slighted because I thought I was intelligent enough. But over the years, I have come to understand that if you are academically sound, that solves only 25 per cent of your problem, unlike most other professions.

If you don’t have what it takes and the endurance and the stay of character to be here, there are so many things that can put you off and make you wish you were not here.

But if you have this driving force propelling you forward, then, it is a very special profession. We are the only people on earth who are classified as the ‘living and the dead.’

You are alive; you are at sea, so, you cannot vote at election. Your family cannot see you even though you are alive, not in detention, but you are not available.

We are the only people who cross the x-origin every other time; latitude and longitude 0.
“I think the world should appreciate the sacrifices we are making.’’

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